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Amended 30 July 2010

The Contract Bridge Association was founded in 1932. It is the official regulator for the recognized game of Contract Duplicate Bridge in this part of the island. As such, any changes to the worldwide rules are passed to us and then to our members. The CBAI structure divides the country into thirteen geographical Regions.

The key administrator is the Regional Secretary who is assisted by County Development Officers. Regular meetings are held during the season. Clubs are kept informed on all relevant matters by the Regional Secretary, or directly from CBAI National Headquarters.

CBAI Officers. 

Honorary Officers are elected each year







CBAI Regions and Regional Officers

All contact details for regional officers are available by clicking the above link

The Governing Council:

Consists of the Honorary Officers plus Regional Presidents & Secretaries from the thirteen regions, together with County Development Officers. It decides on policy and strategy for the association.

The Management Committee:

Consists of the Honorary Officers plus Regional Secretaries of the thirteen regions as well as the Immediate Past President. Its function is to implement policy decisions of the Executive, to control the day-to-day operational and financial affairs of the association and to appoint sub-committees as deemed necessary.


The CBAI encourages members to participate in its training courses for bridge teachers and tournament directors at various levels. Affiliation allows members to compete in all the competitions or bridge congresses held under the auspices of the CBAI throughout the country.

Details of similar official regulators in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales:

Neigbouring Bridge Contacts