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Auken Sabine I Love this Game     16.35
Bergen Marty Bergen for the Defense  Defence     19.00
Bergen Marty Bergen’s Best Bridge Tips  Tips     10.00
Bergen Marty Better Rebidding With Bergen  Bidding       8.00
Bergen Marty Better Slam Bidding  Slam     10.00
Bergen Marty Declarer Play the Bergen Way  Play     19.00
Bergen Marty Hand Evaluation, Points Schmoints!  Evaluation     10.00
Bergen Marty More Declarer Play the Bergen Way  Play     19.00
Bergen Marty More Points, Schmoints!  Bidding     20.00
Bergen Marty Negative Doubles  Doubles     11.00
Bergen Marty Negative Doubles, Introduction to  Doubles       9.00
Bergen Marty Points Schmoints!  Bidding     20.00
Bird David Beaten by the Masters     10.50
Bird David Bridge Endplays for Everyone  Endpays     15.00
Bird David Celestial Cardplay     13.50
Bird David Heavenly Contracts     16.00
Bird David The Abbot – the Sensational Squeeze  Humour     13.00
Bird David The Abbot and the Witchdoctor and the Disasterous Double  Humour     17.00
Bird David The Abbot The Parrot and the Bermuda Bowl  Humour     17.00
Bird David The Abbot’s Great Sacrifice  Humour     14.70
Bird David The Abbot’s Return to Earth  Humour     17.00
Bird David & Bourke Tim Saints & Sinners – The St Titus Challenge  Humour     11.50
Bird David & Bourke Tim The Simple Squeeze  Squeeze       8.25
Bird David & Klinger Ron The Rabbi and the Weaker Sex  Humour     15.70
Bird David & Klinger Ron The Rabbi’s Magic Trick  Humour     15.70
Brock Sally Five Card Majors  5 Card Majors     17.90
Brunner Michelle Bridge with Brunner – Budding Expert  Improver     16.00
Brunner Michelle Bridge with Brunner – Improver  Improver     16.00
Cohen Larry To Bid or Not to Bid – Law of Total Tricks  Law TT     16.50
Darvas Robert  & de V. Hart Norman Right Through the Pack     21.50
Dormer Albert and Klinger Ron The New Complete Book of Bridge     18.50
Dowling Richard Bridge for Begimmers & Improvers  Beginer Improver     10.00
Eichenbaum Ken Modern Approach to Two over One  2 over 1     11.00
Feldheim Harold 5 Card Major Bidding in Contract Bridge  5 Card Majors     14.80
Granovetter Matt & Pamela Bridge Conventions in Depth  Conventions     18.60
Granovetter Matt & Pamela Conventions at a Glance  Conventions     10.00
Grant Audrey & Rodwell Eric 2 over 1 Game-Force  2 over 1     22.70
Hardy Max Standard Bidding for the 21st Century  Bidding     20.00
Horton Mark Bridge Master versus Bridge Amateur     16.50
Horton Mark Better Signalling Now  Defence
Horton Mark & Van Cleef Jan The Mysterious Multi  Conventions     15.00
Horton, Mark, Kokish Eric The Rabbais Rules  Humour     16.00
Jourdain Patrick Easy Guide to Acol Bridge     16.40
Kantar Eddie Classic Kantar     12.35
Kantar Eddie Kantar on Kontract     12.35
Kantar Eddie Modern Bridge Defense  Defence     18.25
Kantar Eddie Roman Keycard Blackwood  Conventions     27.00
Kantar Eddie Take all your Chances at Bridge     13.90
Kantar Eddie Take all your Chances at Bridge 2     13.90
Kelsey Hugh Kelsey on Squeeze Play  Squeeze     29.00
Kelsey Hugh Killing Defence At Bridge  Defence     14.00
Kelsey Hugh More Killing Defence at Bridge  Defence     15.50
Kelsey Hugh Sharpen your Bridge Technique     15.50
Kelsey Hugh & Klinger Ron New Instant Guide to Bridge     10.50
Kelsey Hugh and Glauert Bridge Odds for Practical Players     12.25
Kleinmann Danny 365 Winning Bridge Tips     27.00
Klinger Ron 100 Winning Bridge Tips  Tips     14.00
Klinger Ron 100 Winning Duplicate Tips  Tips     15.70
Klinger Ron 5 Card Major Stayman  5 Card Majors     13.00
Klinger Ron 50 More Winning Bridge tips  Tips     10.75
Klinger Ron 50 Winning Duplicate Tips  Tips     11.85
Klinger Ron Acol Bridge Made Easy     10.00
Klinger Ron Basic Bridge  Beginer Improver     14.00
Klinger Ron Guide to Better Bridge  Beginer Improver     21.00
Klinger Ron Guide to Better Acol Bridge  Play     15.50
Klinger Ron Guide to better Card Play  Play     21.00
Klinger Ron Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge  Bidding     18.50
Klinger Ron Better Bridge with a Better Memory     12.70
Klinger Ron Bridge Conventions, Defences and Counter Measures  Conventions     15.00
Klinger Ron Defending Doubled Contracts  Defence     13.00
Klinger Ron Improve your Bridge Memory     11.20
Klinger Ron Improve your Declarer Play at No-Trumps  Play     11.20
Klinger Ron Improve your Opening Leads  Defence     11.20
Klinger Ron Improve your Slam Bidding  Slam     14.00
Klinger Ron Modern Losing Trick Count  LTC     12.00
Klinger Ron Playing to Win at Bridge     18.50
Klinger Ron Right Through the Pack Again     18.50
Klinger Ron The Modern Losing Trick Count  LTC     14.95
Klinger Ron The Power of Shape  Evaluation     13.50
Klinger Ron To Win at Bridge     16.00
Klinger Ron & Kambites Andrew Card Play made Easy 2: Know your Suit Combinations  Play     10.50
Klinger Ron & Kambites Andrew Card Play made Easy 3: Trump Management  Play     10.50
Klinger Ron & Kambites Andrew Card Play made Easy 4: Timing and Communations  Play     10.50
Klinger Ron & Kambites Andrew Guide to Better Acol Bridge  Beginer Improver     14.70
Klinger Ron & Kambites Andrew Understanding Slam Bidding  Slam     14.70
Klinger Ron & Kambites Andrew Understanding the Contested Auction  Competitive     11.00
Klinger Ron & Kambites Andrew Understanding the Uncontested Auction  Bidding       9.20
Klinger Ron & Lawrence Mike Opening Leads for Acol Players  Defence     15.00
Laderman Julian Bumblehappy Days  (New)     16.00
Landow Irwin S Win Bridge Tournaments with Innovative Slam Bidding  Slam     20.00
Landy Sandra, Horton Mark & Seagram Barbara 25 Bridge Conventions for ACOL Players  Conventions     15.95
Lawrence Mike Balancing in Contract Bridge  Bidding     16.50
Lawrence Mike Card Play Combinations  Play     17.00
Lawrence Mike The Complete Book on Take out Doubles  Doubles     10.00
Lawrence Mike DON’T (Disturbing The Opponent’s NoTrump)  Conventions       7.50
Lawrence Mike Double – New Meanings For An Old Bid  Doubles     15.00
Lawrence Mike False Cards (New Edition)     18.00
Lawrence Mike Handbook of Partnership Understandings       5.50
Lawrence Mike How to Play Card Combinations  Play     11.00
Lawrence Mike How to Read your Opponents Cards     13.50
Lawrence Mike Judgement at Bridge     14.00
Lawrence Mike Judgement at Bridge 2     21.00
Lawrence Mike Opening Leads  Defence     19.95
Lawrence Mike Partnership Understandings       5.50
Lawrence Mike The Complete Book on Balancing     16.50
Lawrence Mike The Complete Book on Hand Evaluation     12.50
Lawrence Mike The Complete Book on Overcalls  Competetive     16.00
Lawrence Mike The Complete Book on Takeout Doubles  Doubles     19.00
Lawrence Mike The Complete Guide to Passed Hand Bidding     16.50
Lawrence Mike The Two over One System Workbook  2 over 1     11.00
Lawrence Mike Tips on Bidding  Tips     15.95
Lawrence Mike Tips on card play  Tips     17.50
Lawrence Mike Tips on Competetive Bidding  Tips     22.00
Lawrence, Mike & Wigren, Anders I Fought the Law of Total Tricks  LTC     17.50
Levé Guy The Encylopedia of Card Play Techniques at Bridge  Play     25.00
Magee Bernard Better Hand Evaluation  Evaluation     15.50
Magee Bernard Bridge Quiz Book     15.50
Magee Bernard Tips for Better Bridge  Tips     16.00
Mendelson Paul 121 Tips for Better Bridge  Beginer Improver       6.75
Mendelson Paul Bridge for Complete Beginners  Beginer Improver     10.00
Mendelson Paul Bridge Winning Ways  Beginer Improver     10.00
Mendelson Paul Control the Bidding  Beginer Improver     11.40
Mendelson Paul The Golden Rules of Bridge  Beginer Improver     14.00
Mendelson Paul The Right Way to Play Bridge  Beginer Improver     10.00
Mendelson Paul The right way to play Bridge  Beginer Improver     10.00
Mendelson Paul Play your Cards Right  Beginer Improver     10.00
Miles Marshall Competitive Bidding in the 21st Century  Bidding     14.00
Miles Marshall It’s Your Call  Bidding     16.00
Miles Marshall Modern Constructive Bidding     15.70
Miles Marshall My System – The Unbalanced Diamond     17.80
Mollo Victor Bridge in the Menagerie     17.50
Mollo Victor Diamonds are the Hogs best friend  Humour     17.50
Mollo Victor Last call in the Menagerie  Humour     19.00
Mollo Victor Swings and Arrows  Humour     17.00
Mollo Victor The Hog takes to Precision  Humour     17.50
Mollo Victor & Gardener Nico Card Play Technique  Defence     21.90
Pottage Julian Bridge Problems for a new Millennium     10.00
Pottage Julian Clues from the Bidding at Bridge  Bidding     17.80
Pottage Julian Defend or Declare     14.00
Pottage Julian Defend these Hands with me  Defence     17.80
Pottage Julian Masterpieces of Declarer play  Play       9.75
Pottage Julian Masterpieces of Defense  Defence       9.75
Pottage Julian Play or Defend     11.50
Pottage Julian The Golden Rules of Opening Leads  Defence     13.50
Pottage Julian Why You Still Lose at Bridge     19.95
Pottage Julian Win the Big Match     17.90
Pottage Julian & Burrows Peter Art of Psychic Bidding (and its pitfalls)     15.70
Pottage Julian & Smith Marc The Golden Rules of Competetive Auctions  Competetive     14.70
Pottage Julian & Smith Marc The Golden Rules of Constructive Bidding  Bidding     11.80
Pottage Julian Smith Nick Bridge Behind Bars     15.50
Priebe Jim Matchpoint Defense  Defence     15.95
Priebe Jim Takeout Double – A Bridge Mystery  Doubles     15.00
Priebe Jim Thinking on Defense  Defence     15.00
Rigal Barry Breaking the bridge Rules     14.50
Rigal Barry Deceptive Defense  Defence     16.00
Rigal Barry Precision in the 90s  Precision     19.00
Robson Andrew Beginning Bridge     12.00
Robson Andrew Tips for Intermediates  Improver     15.00
Robson Andrew A pack of Do’s / A Pack of Don’ts
Robson Andrew Play Modern Bridge
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Bidding as Opener       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Bidding Big Hands       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Counting & Card Placement       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Competetive Bidding       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Declaring Notrump Contracts       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Declaring Trump Contracts       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Defence  Defence       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Double       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Duplicate Pairs Tactics       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Endplay & Squeeze       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Finesse       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Hand Evaluation & Losing Trick Count       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Opening Lead       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Overcall       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Responder & Fourth Suit Forcing       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Rules, Aconyms and Ditties       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Signal & Discard       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Slam       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Stayman & Transfers       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Weak Two       8.00
Robson Andrew (Bridge Lessons) Bridge Lessons Boxset (20 of above)   100.00
Rodwell Eric Bidding Topics  Bidding     17.50
Rodwell Eric & Horton Mark The Rodwell Files     28.00
Root William S & Pavlieck Richard Modern Bridge Conventions  Conventions     19.30
Seagram Barbara & Bird David 25 Conventions You Should Know  Conventions     14.00
Seagram Barbara & Bird David 25 More Bridge Conventions  Conventions     15.95
Seagram Barbara & Bird David 25 Ways to be a Better Defender  Defence     15.95
Seagram Barbara & Smith Mark 25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding  Competetive     15.95
Seagram Barbara & Bird David 25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer  Play     15.95
Semp, Raymond Bridge Squeezes Interpreted     16.00
Senior Brian Conventions Today  Conventions       8.30
Senior Brian Hand Evaluation in Bridge  Evaluation     14.90
Senior Brian Its your Call     10.00
Senior Brian Spice up your Two-Bids  Conventions       6.00
Simon SJ Why you loose at Bridge     17.00
Smith Harry & Adamson Alex Scotland’s Senior Moment     10.00
Sontag Alan The Bridge Bum     16.50
Teukolsky Roselyn How to Play Bridge With Your Spouse … and Survive!     13.25
Thurston Paul 25 Steps to Learning 2/1
Timm Neil Precision Simplified for 2/1 Players  Precision     10.00
Treble Bill Defending at Bridge  Defence     11.00
Treble Bill The Big Payoff (New)     17.50
Truscott Alan The Great Bridge Scandal     17.00
Truscott Alan & Dorothy New York Times Bridge Book     29.00
Wladyslaw Izdebski Krzemien & Klinger Deadly Defence  Defence     19.00
Wladyslaw Izdebski Darius & Kaedas The Power of Posative Bidding     17.00
Woolf Bobby The Lone Woolf     19.00
Woolsey Kit Modern Defensive Signalling  Defence       8.75
Woolsey Kit Partnership Defence in Bridge  Defence     17.00
Groner, Alex Duplicate Bridge Direction  TD Books     17.00
Gurr C.E Simple Directing at the Bridge Club  TD Books       8.00
Manning J.R. The EBU Manual of Duplicate Bridge Movements  Tiournament Direction     22.00
Stevenson David Duplicate Rules Simplified – 2017  TD Books       8.00
EBU The Laws Of Duplicate Contract Bridge (2017) Hard Back  Tiournament Direction     12.00
Klinger Ron Modern Loosing Trick Count Flipper Flipper       8.50
Klinger Ron Duplicate Bridge Flipper Flipper       7.50
Klinger Ron Basic Acol Bridge Flipper
Klinger Ron 20 Great Conventions Flipper
Klinger Ron Memory Aids and useful rules
Klinger Ron Opening Leads Flipper       8.50
Klinger Ron The Law of total Tricks
Klinger Ron 5 Card Major Bidding
Klinger Ron Acol Bridge
Robson Andrew Beginer Bridge Flipper Flipper     14.00
Robson Andrew Essential Bridge Flipper Flipper     14.00
Robson Andrew Conventions Bridge Flipper Flipper     14.00
O’Keefe Marie Glance Cards A4 Flipper       8.00
O’Keefe Marie Glance Cards A5 Flipper       5.00
Seagram / Bird Pocket Guide Defensive Play Flipper       7.50
Seagram / Bird Pocket Guide Declarer Play Flipper       8.50
Horton / Seagram Pocket Guide Acol Bridge Flipper       6.50
Seagram / Marc Smith Pocket Guide Bridge Conventions
Seagram / David Bird Pocket Guide Even More Bridge Conventions Flipper       6.50
Thurston Paul Pocket Guide 2/1


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