All of you should by now have heard that, as a result of the Promotion & Development Agenda promoted by outgoing President Peter O’Meara, we are planning a week of activities and events across the country to (a) promote bridge, and (b) encourage new players to take up the game.

These events are being organised and staffed within the regions, and Seamus Costello is co-ordinating everything to make sure you all have the support that you need to make your local events as successful as possible. So if you have any bright ideas to promote the game we love, or if you would like to get involved in the activities being planned for your area, please contact your Regional Secretary. The period designated as “Bridge Week” is from 16 to 25 August, which is when we are planning to make as much media impact as possible, but regions can of course hold their local events on other dates if that makes more sense – for instance to coincide with local festivals.

We have a variety of marketing supports available, incorporating a bright new design. Some samples are pictured below, including a bannerstand (for pull-up displays), a Why Play Bridge flyer (that can be personalised – the version below was prepared for the Wexford/Waterford area), and playing cards for use as gifts. We will also have pens, t-shirts, and special sign-up forms for classes. We are planning that this year’s newsletter will be available for Bridge Week. So we need details of the classes being held in your area as soon as possible if they are to be included in the newsletter. The CBAI will also refund any reasonable costs incurred locally; if you think they might be very high, please check with us beforehand.

If you need access to any of these materials to assist you in your promotional activities, please contact Seamus Costello. A well-known bridge writer commented recently that “ideas need hands and feet” if they are to be successful. The key influence on our success will be the level of effort put in on the ground locally to organise appealing, well-located, and appropriately-staffed events that will succeed in convincing non-bridge players that ours is a game worth trying. If we can get them that far, and make sure to put them in contact with inspiring and passionate teachers, we know we will be able to swell our playing ranks and keep bridge thriving all over Ireland.




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