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Free Bridge On Line



All you could need from online bridge for free:

Bridge Master : Sample of superb software for developing your skills as declarer

Bridge Library : Articles, Lectures and Vugraph Archives

Vu Graph Theatre:  Watch the best players in the world play bridge live, with commentry from International Experts

Learn To Play Bridge 1 or 2:  

Introduction to Bridge Defence: a case for the defence
Taking Tricks Defence: The tricks of the trade
More On Taking Tricks Signalling in defence
The Trump Suit Responding to 1NT & 2NT revisited
Planning The Play Bidding Conventions
Introduction to Bidding Competitive Auctions
More On Bidding Declarer Play
Appendices Trump Management
Learn to Play in 5 minutes Suit Combinations
Keeping Score  
Opening Leads  

Bridge Base: Standard System Cards for full partnership conventions

Double Dummy Problems:  To tease your mind

Don't Be Afraid To Explore


Bridge Base On Line

When you reach the site you will be asked to give a user name and password.  This is a free service so do not worry.