Junior Camrose 2014



David Synnott

One half of the most established and successful partnership on the Irish Junior Camrose team, David Synnott is a 2nd year student of Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin.  He is a Regional Master Bridge player.  His obsessions include computers, coffee and claiming badly.

Recent successes include winning the Pigot Cup in February 2014 against stiff competition, comfortably trouncing the winning team of the previous three years – life or grand masters each of them!  David and Hugh also participated in the First Youth Paris Open Bridge competition last October, where they put in an impressive performance and finished up top of the butler.

Hugh Gormally 

Hugh is a final year student of Electronic Engineering in Dublin Institute of Technology.  Together with his regular Bridge partner David, he recently ranked 4th place in the prestigious National Men’s Teams in January, as well as ranking a very respectable 10th place in the National Master Pairs in December 2013.

Hugh’s hobbies include electronics, playing (watching) sport, spelling, and under-ruffing.


O’Connor – Gormally

Kelan O’Connor

Kelan O’Connor is a Biochemistry graduate from Kerry.  He holds the distinction of being the most established player on the team.  He ranked 2nd in the National Master Pairs this season, playing with his regular partner, his father.  He is partnering Niamh Gormally in this event however, since his dad is too old.

He enjoys obscure facts, etymology, and never complaining to his table partners. He is also a very good singer.

Niamh Gormally

Niamh is a 2nd year student of Home Economics in St Angela’s College, Sligo.  She learned the game when she attended bridge lessons with her brother Hugh a few years ago, a joyful time when she was the one who knew every answer and he sat in the back of the room quietly.   She enjoys driving, quilt-making and socialising.


Doyle – Connolly

Nathan Doyle

Nathan Doyle is a 2nd year student of Maths in Trinity College Dublin.  He has been playing with John Connolly since October and they have participated in a number of competitions since then, including the BJ O’Brien Cup and the Holmes Wilson Teams.

He enjoys numbers, telling everyone he is in a band (he really is), and math-rapping (he doesn’t actually rap, he just enjoys it).  He is also very good at tossing his head with a flourish in order to displace his “annoying” fringe.

John Connolly

John is a 5th year student in Gonzaga College, Dublin.  He has been playing bridge since September 2012 and has since become thoroughly addicted.  He enjoys staying up late on BBO and making (extravagant) claims before testing how the trumps break.  His hobbies used to include chess.


Marcin Rudzinski


This is Marcin’s second outing as an NPC for the U25s.  He was NPC of the U25 teams competing in the European Youth Teams in Poland last summer.  Since then he has become a member of the Irish Bridge Union’s Junior Committee.  He is well-liked by his team, as he is very good for the post-mortem discussion, usually over a pint.



Peggy Bayer 2014


Stephen Barr

Stephen is a 5th year in Gonzaga College.  He started learning Bridge in September 2012.  He was part of a group of four Transition Year students (ask him about it) who learned together.  Playing with his regular partner Aaron, he has won the National Schools Pairs Competition this year.  He also recently won the Kay Downes Pairs Competition where he partnered with Michael Donnelly.  He is currently being mentored by Grand Master player B.J. O’Brien, who has called him “a very promising young bridge player.”  He knows it too.


Aaron Bolger

Aaron is a Gonzaga student as well.  He a bit of a talker at the bridge table – he’s either exchanging views with Partner regarding Partner’s questionable bidding, or apologising for his own! He is currently organising a Bridge Weekend to be hosted by his school in March, in order to raise funds for a volunteer trip to Zambia on behalf of Habitat for Humanity.  He loves a robust debate.  Just don’t insult bicycles in his presence.


Taaffe –Walsh

Niamh Taaffe

Niamh is a student of St. Vincent’s Dundalk, where she learned Bridge.  She has represented Ireland with her current partner Sheila Walsh a number of times.  Together they came 3rd in the National Schools Pairs this season.  They were also on the U20 team representing Ireland in the European Youth Teams Championship in Poland last summer together.

Sheila Walsh

Sheila is a student in St. Vincent’s Dundalk, but learned Bridge with her dad as well as in the school.  She can often be found online playing with her mentor, John Phelan, most Mondays.  She played in the National Women’s Pairs this year and placed very respectably, ranking Best Intermediate A, with her partner for the event.  She has distinguished herself as an extremely capable card player, coming up with lines of play that are rare for an U20.  Though she’d never admit to it!


 Akpe-Moses – Donnelly

Joy Akpe- Moses

Joy is a Leaving Cert student in St. Vincent’s Dundalk.  She is a softly-spoken young lady, whose refined demeanour belies her competitive ability at the Bridge table.  She is one of the most dedicated players on the team, as can be seen by her considerable ability, even when playing with people with whom she has never player before.  She can often be found competing in National competitions with her mentor Martin Brady.

Michael Donnelly

Michael is a Gonzaga student, who partnered Joy for the Peggy Bayer Selection Trials.  Though not a regular partnership before then, they have since been practising online and in competitions together.  Michael is an avid chess player as well as Bridge player, though Bridge is slowly edging out chess, as evidenced by the amount time he spends on BBO!


Thomas Mac Cormac


Thomas is the President of the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland this year, as well as being a former member of the Junior Committee.  He works in Bridge, teaching professionally. His previous NPC roles include acting as NPC for the Irish Open Team for the European Teams Championships held in Dublin, in 2012.



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