The Teaching Programme

The CBAI Teaching Programme, for players who wish to become qualified and registered Bridge teachers, consists of two parts.

Before you are accepted to do the training course you must first pass both a Bidding and Card Play Test (the pass mark for both is 70%).  These tests can be organised for you at a venue and date of your choice (within limits!).  You must familiarise yourself completely with the 3 CBAI Teaching Manuals, (Manual 1- Basic Bidding, Manual 2- Basic Card Play, and Manual 3- More Advanced Bidding including Strong Two bids and Pre-empts) and know your Basic Acol thoroughly (4-Card Majors and Weak (12-14)NT is the standard that is being taught).  These manuals are available to buy from the CBAI (cost €30 each plus postage).  You may phone us with your debit /credit card number and we can send them out.

One you pass both of these tests you will be invited to take part in the second part of the course which is a full weekend seminar.   This consists of a series of Sample classes given by professional teachers, Mini-Bridge Demonstration class, and a morning devoted to Presentation Skills and the use of Powerpoint.

You are also required to prepare three lessons, one of which should be on card play technique, from which one will be chosen by the assessor and the candidate will demonstrate his or her teaching skills before a peer group. These topics, a Class plan for each, how you intend to conduct it, and notes should be submitted to the Teaching Committee at least 4 weeks in advance of the seminar.

Marks will be allocated under the following headings. (C.B.A.I. Manuals may be used)

1. Preparation – evidence of having rehearsed, lesson notes, prepared deals, etc.

2. Content – one main topic, fundamentally correct in theory, organised and developed

3. Presentation – introduction, recap of previous lesson, repetition, reinforcement,

questions, recap, summing up etc.

4. Personal Skills – posture, body language, voice projection, eye-contact, dealing with

questions, moving among tables etc.

5. Use Of Visual Aids: cards, curtain cards, hand diagrams, chart, white or blackboard,

projector, Powerpoint, etc.

It is assumed that the trainee will have their Flip chart prepared (or Power Point presentation) and hands pre-dealt.

Recommended Reading List

Once qualified, teachers running classes are expected to either provide pupils with suitable local clubs for them to join, or run a novice club for their pupils themselves. We request that all qualified teachers provide us with details of their classes for inclusion on the CBAI web site and in the annual Newsletter.

Teachers could ask their clubs to sponsor their participation in the teacher training course.  Ultimately it is the clubs which benefit from teachers work, with the inflow of new members. For a minimal investment clubs can reap big dividends and over a long period of time too.  A number of clubs in different parts of the country have already  done just that and their initiative and foresight is to be lauded.

Full details of proposed programme are detailed in the Complete Syllabus (Not all elements of the Syllabus are active.  Please contact the CBAI directly to see what is required)

Qualified School Teachers

With the recent inclusion of Bridge into the Transition Year programme,  the necessity to organise in service training has arisen.

Please email the CBAI if you would like to participate

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