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Pairs Movements

Team Movements

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28th September 2019

Tournament Directors courses are planned for the current season.  If you are interested in doing a course please contact Bernard Higgins on (or 087-9880115) or Michael O’Malley on (or 086-8444429), who will add you to their  lists.

Score Bridge Course: to be advised. 

BridgeMate Course:  Date to be advised.

If you would like to attend the Scorebridge or Bridgemate course please contact  Bernard on the above phone number or by email.


New WBF Victory Point scales

The World Bridge Federation has issued new recommended Victory Point scales, which is in force in CBAI events since 1st September 2013

The Simple (Discreet) Scale

The Simple Scale is suitable for club competitions

Click here for the updated Simple VP scales.

Continuous VP Scale

The Continuous Scale is used for National and Regional competitions

and extends to two decimal places

Click here for the updated Continuous VP Scales (please excuse spelling error in PDFs)


EFFECTIVE from September 2018

Any double on the first round of bidding of a one or two level natural suit bid is deemed to be for takeout; all other doubles are deemed to be for penalties. Any variations from this must be alerted.


EFFECTIVE from September 2018

Announcements in the following three instances should be made each time the bid is made (no alert is required):

1. When partner opens 1NT you state the range e.g. “12-14”

2. When partner opens a “short” or “prepared” minor, you state the minimum number of cards held in the suit bid (e.g. “at least two clubs”).

3. When partner responds 2D or 2H as a “Transfer” – you say “Transfer”.

Changes to Laws in 2007 Review – Click Here

  • The following links are to  relevant Bridge Laws & Ethics.
  • Tournament Director Training Courses are run initially at regional level so please contact your Regional Secretary for further details
  • Tournament Direction Books & Bridge Law Books are available from the 1-Stop Bridge Shop
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