Rules, Refusal & Withdrawal



In addition to those outlined above, the following rules apply to Competitors in all events held under the auspices of the C.B.A.I.

  1. Players should count their cards face down.
  2. Opening lead should always be made face down.
  3. Quitted tricks: No inspection of any card of a quitted trick is    permitted except at the request of the Tournament Director.
  4.  The Tournament Director should be called for any infringement.
  5. The use of mobile telephones during play is strictly prohibited.
  6. Brown Sticker Conventions may not be used in any match of less than 16 Boards.


Should a pair or team refuse to play against another pair or team when required to do so, that pair or team shall be awarded zero match points or victory points in respect of that match. The other pair or team if willing to play, shall be awarded 60% or such higher percentage as they may average for the event or the average of the scores against the offending pair/team whichever is higher. Should both pairs or teams refuse to play the match, both shall be awarded zero.

The incident must be reported to the C.B.A.I. Management Committee, which may take further disciplinary action.



If a pair or team has to withdraw from a competition after it has started and they have played less than 50% of the total boards to be played their scores are discarded and the competition is scored as if there was a sit out. If they have played 50% or more of the boards to be played in the competition their scores stand and the pairs they are due to meet get an average + for those boards and the teams they are due to meet receive 18 VP for that match or their average for the competition which ever is greater.


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