Breaking Ties In Team Competitions


When it is determined that a tie is to be broken the following rules will apply



If two teams are tied the result is determined by

(1)   The result of the direct match. If still tied by V.P.s then by the numbers of I.M.P.s in the match. If the I.M.P.s are the same then

(2)   The I.M.P. quotient (total imps won divided by total imps lost) in all matches played by the tied teams. If a tie still remains

(3)   The higher margin of imps earned against the next highest ranking team that both have played and so on. Which failing, then

(4)   One board sudden death matches (one board at a time) until a winner emerges, with neither team to have seating rights against the other.


If more than two teams are tied and have all met in direct competition then they are ranked according to the number of V.P.s obtained against each other. If more than two are still remain tied then from (2) above will apply.


Extra boards will be played, in stanza of four boards, unless stipulated otherwise in the competition rules or by the sponsoring organisation.


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