The following conventions or treatments are categorised as

     “Brown Sticker”

(a)   Any opening bid of two clubs through to three spades that:

    (i) could be weak (may by agreement be made with values below

    average strength); AND

    (ii)   does not promise at least four cards in a known suit.



    (iii)   The bid always shows at least four cards in a known suit if

    it is weak. If the bid does not show a known four card suit it

    must show a hand a king or more over average strength.

    (Explanation: Where all the weak meanings show at least four

    cards in one known suit, and the strong meanings show a hand

    with a king or more above average strength, it is not a Brown

    Sticker Convention).

(iv) An opening bid showing a weak two in either major,whether

    with or without the option of strong hand types

(b)   An overcall of a natural opening bid of one of a suit that

    does not promise at least

    four cards in a known suit.

EXCEPTION: A natural overcall in no trumps.


(c)   Any ‘weak’ two-suited bids at the two or three level that

    may by agreement be made with three cards or fewer in one

    of the suits.

(d)   Psychic bids protected by system or required by system.

(e)   None of the foregoing restrictions pertain to

    conventional defences against strong, artificial opening bids or

    defences against   ‘Brown Sticker’ or HUM conventions.

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