Doubles & Psychic Bidding




       Any double on the first round of bidding of a one or two level suit bid is 

       deemed to be a TAKE OUT DOUBLE.


       All other doubles are deemed to be PENALTY DOUBLES. Any

       variations from this rule must be alerted.





        (a)   A psychic bid is a legitimate ploy, always provided that it

       contains the same element of surprise for partner as for



(b)   Any player at a table where a psyche has occurred may

       report the action to the tournament director before the end of

       the session in which the psyche occurred.


(c)   If there is any doubt about the responder’s bid after a

       psyche, the director should take frequency of psyches by the

       player who psyched into account. Implied agreements can

       arise from frequent psyching.


(d)   It is forbidden to psych a conventional opening bid.

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