Penalties & Appeals



The Tournament Director shall impose a disciplinary penalty for any offence which interferes directly or indirectly with the rights of another player. These offences may include but are not limited to the following:

1.   Unduly slow play.

2.   Comparing scores with another contestant during a session.

3.   Touching or handling cards belonging to another player.

4.   Misboarding.

5.   Replacing record slips in the board so that the writing is visible.

6.   Any error in procedure that requires the award of an adjusted

      score to a contestant.

7.   Failure to comply promptly with the Tournament regulations,

      or with any instruction of the Tournament Director.

8.   Any improper or discourteous behaviour.

9.   Late arrival at the commencement of a session or failure to

      take seats promptly at a subsequent round.

10.  Discussion of the bidding, play or result of a board.

The minimum disciplinary penalty shall be 1.5% of the total match points available in the session.



An Appeal arising out of the first session can be lodged up to 30 minutes after the end of the second session; out of the second session, up to 30 minutes into the third session; and for the final session, up to 30 minutes after the results have been posted.


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