Teams Movements

1 Session Movements

3 Teams

4 Teams

5 Teams

6 Teams

7 Teams

8 Teams Mirror

9 Teams

10 Teams Mirror

11 Teams

12 Teams 8 Round

13 Teams

2 Session Movements

Use a standard “Paralell row movement” or “Twinned Pairs Movement” for the first session

North South remain at the home tble for the first round

East West of each team swap places with the team 1/2 the total higher or lower.

The higher numbered team moving up one table each round in paralell as if playing a Mitchell

A skip may be necessary where the number of tables in each row is even

When an odd number of tables the movement is stopped one round short (see guide cards for 2nd Session)

14 Teams 2nd Session

16 Teams 2nd session

18 Teams 2nd session

20 Teams 2nd Session

22 Teams 2nd Session

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