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Bridge Software


Software Sites
Software Reviews by Jim Loy Gives a full list of programs with reviews and rankings

Sites with Bridge Playing/Bidding Programs:

New Bridge program (BBT) for Windows or NT to practice your own bidding system. It incorporates filters so that you can practice particular bidding situations.
Blue Chip "the intelligent bridge program"
Bridge Baron Bridge playing program
BridgeWare home site for Bridge Buff and Visual Deal
GIB (Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridgeplayer) home page Card playing program by Matthew Ginsberg includes Latest news about GIB
Meadowlark Software Bridge items, links, software etc Includes Meadowlark Bridge Program and Hand Librarian
Q Plus Bridge
Micro Bridge Bridge playing program

Other Software:

Bridge Base Home page of Bridge Base Inc (authors of Bridge Master) - includes Deal of the Week a different hand each week played out using Java technology - worth seeing
Bridge Bridge scoring programme added May 02
HCS-USA Software company specialising in convention cards and a new tool to improve bidding

PlayBridge Generate Deals in HTML for FREE
PBN Portable Bridge Notation. A common format for recording bridge deals, play etc.

Download the Convention Card Editor by Lee Edwards. CBAI card is included.
The official WBF Convention Card Editor (DOS or Windows) can be downloaded from WBF CCE or from The ECats site

Shareware Bridge Programs This will allow you to search for any programs not just bridge (e.g. Use All Categories, Bridge and Card)