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Camrose Results 2005



The Republic of Ireland won the Camrose beating Scotland by 3 VPs in a nervous finish. Northern Ireland who trailed by 25 or so imps .....pulled back to overtake Republic in last 16 boards and win by 16-14 Meanwhile Scotland were putting Wales to the swords but the Welsh and Irish bid 6D on the last board to hold out.

David Jackson npc
Peter Pigot /Mark Moran
Tomas Hanlon Hugh McGann
Adam Mesbur Nick Fitzgibbon

Padraig & Michael O'Briain

NCBO Total
England 106
N Ireland 116
CBAI 142
Scotland 140
Wales 94


Pictured from left to right are:  Nick FitzGibbon, Dr Hugh McGann, Tom Hanlon, Michael O'Connon Vice President CBAI, David Jackson NPC, Adam Mesbur, Mark Moran and Peter Pigot:   absent from photo Micheal O'Briain & O'Padraig O'Briain