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Classification Of Systems



Systems material will be identified by one or more of the following:

       (i)   A coloured sticker;

       (ii)  The appropriate name colour;

       (iii)  A check mark on a convention card next to the             

    appropriate colour – in keeping with the following descriptions:

   Green   Natual   

   Blue     Strong Club/Strong Diamond, where one club/ one

              diamond is always strong

   Red      Artificial. This category includes all artificial systems that

              do not fall under the definition of Highly Unusual Methods

              (HUM) systems (see definition at Paragraph 7 above),

              other than Strong Club/Strong Diamond Systems (See




              would be a system where one club shows one of three

              types - a natural club suit, a balanced hand of a specific

              range, or a Strong Club opener, or a system in which the

              basic methods (other than the no trump range) vary

              according to position, vulnerability and the like, or a

              system that uses conventional "weak" or "multi-

              meaning" bids (with or without some weak option) in

              potentially contestable auctions, other than those

              described in the main part of the WBF Convention

              Booklet (copies available seperately)


Yellow     Highly Unusual Methods (HUM) as defined in Paragraph 7